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Declaratia de performanta va influenta in mod pozitiv calitatea materialelor de constructii din piata

Those who build using YTONG aerated concrete rely on a great deal of quality and reliable building properties. For industrial, large-scale buildings in particular, such a distribution centres or production buildings, the combination of cost-effectiveness and safe construction pays off from the very beginning.YTONG block has unlimited constructional possibilities and good building physics properties. Above all, however, it is quick and efficient to build. In practice, this a decisive argument for contractors to use aerated concrete, as this property results in a high construction speed.

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Profitez des possibilités de subventions !

Lightweight-Construction materials improve earthquake Resistance in Buildings: In 2016, a series of devastating earthquakes in Italy led to the harrowing loss of life. This tragedy was partially the result of the buildings and infrastructure being severely damaged in the process.

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Product information management? Where does one start as a manufacturer?

Starting with effective product information management as a manufacturer or supplier of building materials? Then maybe quit some questions arise. ZeeBoer is happy to support you in making an inventory of your wishes.

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Преимущества сборно-монолитных перекрытий Ytong®.

The Multipor mineral insulation panel is an ecological alternative to conventional insulation materials. It contains neither fibers, nor is it made of synthetics. Thanks to its mineral raw materials and enclosed air pores, it insulates completely natural. It is dimensionally stable, permeable for wa

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Wir sind für Sie da: von der Nordseeküste über das Weserbergland bis in den Harz

Für jede Anwendung bietet Ytong Porenbeton die richtige Lösung in höchster Mauerwerksqualität. Ob Kellermauerwerk, monolithische Außen- oder Innenwände, massive Flach- oder Steildachkonstruktionen: In Ytong Programm finden Sie immer das passende Produkt.

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Ytong Silka Multipor – Twój projekt, nasza technologia

We consider every project on its own merits and offer to take Design Responsibility for the whole of the Structural Envelope from oversite and more importantly provide you with a Design Warranty. That way we are able to rationalise our approach and provide the client with the comfort of a ‘tried and tested’ solution with a single point of responsibility.

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Ausführliche Verarbeitungshinweise finden Sie in unserer Verarbeitungsanleitung Ausbau

Ytong cellenbeton is ongevoelig voor vocht en vorst, en verzeept niet. Het materiaal is daarom prima toe te passen als buitenwand of in natte ruimten, zoals badkamers. Bovendien heeft het cellenbeton een waterdampregulerend vermogen, waardoor de luchtvochtigheid in de ruimte altijd op een aangenaam peil is.

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Отзывы о газобетонных и газосиликатных блоках Ytong (Итон)

Эксплуатационные и физико-химические характеристики газосиликатных блоков Ytong позволяют использовать этот материал при строительстве перегородок, стен, перекрытий в любых климатических зонах. Широкий спектр моделей и форм дает возможность строителям выполнять работы любой степени сложности.

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