Omílání jako univerzální metoda pro úpravu povrchů

Prakticky v každém přetvárném procesu, ať se jedná o lití, lisování, řezání nebo obrábění, vznikají nerovnosti, otřepy a znečištění povrchu výrobků. Jejich tvar bývá rozmanitý, ale technologie k jejich odstranění je vždy podobná. Pomocí omílání lze řešit celou škálu technologických požadavků, jako je odstraňování otřepů a zaoblování hran, vyhlazování povrchu a jeho leštění, odmašťování a čištění, moření, odstraňování okují či rezu.


I don’t like politics — Senator Omilani, 80

This Caribbean Latina songwriter has definitely proven she can hold center stage. Performing since the age of seven, Omilani has been featured in many programs. She is most noted for performing her original works of neo-soul music, folkloric dance, tropical fusion/salsa and hip hop. Her eclectic vibe has become a very popular among all age groups.


Which links about Kunle Omilani are irrelevant and thus should be deleted?

You specialize in African art and stand in the vanguard promoting the uniqueness of the field through your company Lasmara. But many emerging experts or competitors would say that there is a great disparity in African art because of the different regions. What are your thoughts on this?


Meet the producer of ‘Just Before I Do’, Omilani Olayinka who believes story is everything

In 1977 she joined National Insurance Corporation of Nigeria (now NICON Insurance) as the first Graduate Trainee and rose through the ranks to become the1st female Managing Director in 2000. Following her retirement from NICON Insurance in 2006, Ms. Soares was appointed Secretary General of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) in 2007 – the first woman to occupy the position.


Nigeria: Jonathan Has Strong Will to Save The Country – Omilani

Yinka Omilani, an insurance underwriter and shipping magnete, was the National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South West for four years, before handing over to the incumbent, Tajudeen Oladipo, in 2008. He was Senator of the Federal Republic in the abridged Third Republic on the platform of defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP).


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Výroba na zakázku – Nový Jičín, Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek

YOA companies can trace their roots back to 1978, when Yinka Omilani and Associates, Nigeria’s oldest professional loss adjuster, was formed. Over the years, Yinka Omilani and Associates built up an impressive track record of acting on complex losses.


9mobile backs Lasmara Impart Artists Fair

As first arts meets tech fair in Africa, the exhibition featured immersive technology like virtual and augmented reality that enabled guests and enthusiasts to enjoy art in a new and more experiential way.

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