Dacha what is it

Everything you ever wanted to know about Russian country houses – dachas

In the 90s was finally allowed to own property. That is another big and interesting story, but the outcome was that people started to buy dachas if they had money. Or, if they already had dachas, they could privatize them, officially making them the owned properties. Restrictions on the size of the land or number of floors in the house were also lifted. Finally, you could do whatever you want at your own land. Curious what happened next?

Dacha what is it

What is Dacha? Russian Countryside Cottages with Vegetable Gardens

What is Russian dacha? Dacha is a national characteristic of Russia, the passion of many natives. Even the word itself is unique and does not exist in other languages because dacha is a kind of Russian phenomenon.

Dacha what is it

Russian Dachas: How the humble summer cottage became an institution

Passed in 2017, the law aimed to update and simplify complicated rules about dachas. One of the key measures was to reduce the number of different types of dachas people can own from a confusing nine to just two.

Dacha what is it

Dacha as part of the Russian philosophy of life

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Dacha what is it

Soviet Dacha in Moscow: Address, Phone Number, Soviet Dacha in Moscow Reviews: 5/5

Unlike manors, villages, and estates—which were generously distributed as a reward for loyalty and service—these rectangles of land didn’t have any particular economic sense: it was impossible to keep oneself fed on them, and this land was not distinguished by its special fertility. But such land was well suited for building oneself a stylish mansion and going on a tear not far from the capital, and what’s more, this road led to the country residence of Peter himself.

Dacha what is it

Russian “country house” which is much more than that

The dacha features prominently in Russian literature, particularly in romantic 19th century novels in which city dwellers spend hazy summers in white mansions with orchards, the ladies walking around under lacy umbrellas, the men drinking tea and discussing politics.

Dacha what is it

Modern house with 19th century atmosphere

You can play billiards at the property, and the area is popular for cycling. Luzhniki Stadium is 15 km from Dacha №1 in Peredelkino, while Gorky Park is 18 km away. Vnukovo International Airport is 7 km from the property.

Dacha what is it

At the dacha, the soul of Russia—and its cultural divide—is on display.

It may be quietly romantic—a first love that fades with the season or blossoms into marriage. Or a narrative that is poignant, even redemptive. An older woman tells of coming home from work to find her husband in bed with her best friend. She kicked him out and, with retirement looming and no husband, wondered, What will I do now? The answer was the dacha she bought for 500 rubles, with a forest nearby for mushroom hunting, a lake, and a garden. “The dacha saved my life,” she says.

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